Person touching body of water and causing ripples

The pursuit of the truest self is a long, and winding road. In a society where everyone is trying to sell you their preferred flavor of self-delusion, it warrants you to stop, learn, and identify what your core needs are, and be bold enough to find healthy ways to fulfill them. It will take a lot of work, especially when self-sabotage seems like an easier route. Self-sabotage can manifest as unhealthy habits that you form to override your core needs. Instead of trying to push beyond the self-sabotaging habits, understand what needs they are trying to fulfill.

Owning your story helps. However traumatic, embarrassing, happy, elevating, or sad, every moment is a clue that could help you understand yourself better- when you dig into your past experiences, you often find the root causes of why you think and act the way you do. Self-awareness is the key to identifying, understanding, and acknowledging your needs.

The heavy part is the unlearning; introspection, and reprogramming yourself by letting go of other people’s beliefs, their preconceived notions of the kind of person you are, and who they’d hoped you’d become. Your main task then becomes numbing everyone’s voices and opinions and learning to listen to yourself; learning to create your flavor of self-delusion.