That Time I Took My Loneliness Out On A Date

… there it was, my loneliness, so boldly staring back at me, and I knew right then, it was going to be one heck of a first date!

To My Sisters: Let’s Talk About Sex

, and when you strip down to get in bed with your partner, your ego should come off first.

Mindfulness Towards Anger

You cannot escape your feelings, even if you pretend not to pay attention to them.

Mindful Meditation Prayer

for those of us who seek God, we may not all seek Her divinity in the same ways, but we all seek the same God.

Be Mindful On These Areas

Be present. Go with the universe’s flow– allow experiences to be your teacher.

Mindful Act Of The Day: Empathy towards children

In most cases, the root cause of adult trauma tracks back to childhood.

Mindful Self-care To-Do List:

To connect with others but to not lose myself.

Being Mindful To Embrace Your Naked Body

When you’re in that wavelength, vibrating to your energy with a sexy song in the background; with every touch, every caress, really take time to notice how your body feels.

Mindfulness And Letting Go

Remain in touch with your intuition and learn how to trust it because then you’ll intrinsically know when it’s time to move on from one chapter in your life and on to the next.

mindful state of being: a journal entry

She had no clue that behind that dream lay a journey, a story untold.