Notice how drained you feel when you complain? You can feel the energy start to shift– from everything will be okay to feelings of being overwhelmed. Wouldn’t you want to change that? Try to become intentional about avoiding endless complaining throughout your days. Instead, choose to intentionally notice the things that are working out right because that keeps you on a feel-good frequency. I am not asking that you turn a blind eye to the things that you feel could be better; I am merely asking that you try to approach those things without judgment. Change what you can, and turn away from what you cannot change.


Be present. Go with the universe’s flow– allow experiences to be your teacher. I trust that this will help you align with yourself and your journey a little more. Live in each moment and let go when you know you must.


Embrace who you are, and you’ll find that you will create room to keep discovering more of yourself. Regarding your point of view, don’t waste time trying to convince people to see things the same way you do. Be content knowing what you know because you are the only one who sees things through your eyes. Avoid blaming others when you feel misunderstood; be, and let them be.


Practice non-judgment. Allow other people to be different, just as you are different from them. Even with the people close to you, it will do you a lot of good if you embrace the fact that perspectives and habits keep changing as we evolve. Sure, you can have an opinion that doesn’t necessarily favor the other person, but keep away from hating others for their choices.