To find calm amidst the chaos.

To be kind and tender, but also brutally honest.

To feel everything, but to act selectively.

To give love, and to take love.

To be forgiving, but to not be used.

To connect with others but to not lose myself.

To look at life beautifully and to allow myself to live deeply through every experience.

To come back home to me, each time I lose myself in the chaos.

To allow myself to live vicariously through others, but to also live as I deem right for me.

To work a job, but to also work on the things that I love.

To meet people with different values as me, and to engage them.

To accommodate diversity.

To pace myself and stop rushing as if it’s a race to the end.

To be still.

To connect to the world around me.

To be in each moment.

To be vulnerable, but also strong.

To be at peace, but to also fight my demons.

To keep winning, even when I lose at times.