Now more than ever, people are in a constant state of chase. We’re always out to get something and every single day of our lives feels like a chase. You’re either trying to chase a prospective love affair, people’s approval, business deals, a job, that big promotion; it just never seems to end. People often let these everyday chases dictate their entire state of being because of the solid belief that “if I get this, then I will be happy”, “if I get her to love me back, then I’ll be happy.” People seem to want to achieve some high, not brought about by intrinsic values but by things they think they should acquire to get to the level they think they need. What if you get there and the high is short-lived? What if she loved you back, and it’s not everything you thought it would be? What do you do when you get that promotion, and it doesn’t keep you in that state of high for as long as you imagined it would? Now what?!

Do you have any recollection of your early childhood years, or just happen to observe children between ages 2-8? Now, this is the golden age where they are simply just being; free, adapting, finding joy in the little things, curious, adventurous, and they exist in a realm of creative flow where everything is seemingly possible to them. They make friends so easily, and their interactions are genuine. Golden, right? We all go through this stage of life, yet somehow, we gradually become disconnected from that part of ourselves. As we grow and become aware of our ability to dream and shape our fate, we desire more and more; hence the chase begins. Perceptual programming kicks in at a tender age. Things we’re told, things we observe, habits we pick up from those around us start to dictate our belief systems, our way of life and the things we challenge or don’t. Without being conscious of it, we lose sight of the little most important things that occur naturally to us, and we let ourselves be defined by achievements that exist externally. Grades, awards, approval, material possessions and social status.

Stop and smell the flowers is a call to action for you to connect with your inner child and their simple ways of life before they get caught up in our dog-eat-dog world. Take a break now and then to appreciate existence in its entirety, to be present in every moment. Isn’t it beautiful? Simple, yet complex; how trees sway, how birds fly, how the stars shine, waterfalls, mountains, how rivers flow, sunsets and how far you’ve come! Break free from the constant need to chase something outside of yourself to feel worthy, connected and happy. You will see that the only constant happiness is the only one that emanates from within. Other people and personal achievements should only add to your state of being but never be the primary source of your happiness because that way, you give away control. A mindful state of being is where one is in complete alignment with the Cosmos. In this state, it is clear that we are all part of an entity bigger than our disillusioned individuality. There’s that blissful feeling of oneness in a mindful state of being, feeling connected and in great harmony.

Everything that comes into or out of your life has a limited amount of influential power over your being while you hold most of the control. Expressing the feeling of gratitude helps you to be conscious of the blessings already bestowed upon your life. We tend to forget because we get distracted in our pursuit of highs. Stop and smell the flowers, remember how to live harmoniously within and with others.

Mindful State Of Being, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Personal Growth
Everything good emanates from within. In a mindful state of being, you draw good things to you.