You’re afraid to stop, because you don’t know how to start all over again. Truth is, you don’t need to know. You don’t need to know how everything else will unfold- you just need to make the one important step to stop! Stop whatever it is that is causing you pain. Toxic relationships? Low self esteem? Self loathing? Struggling to fit in? Self destructive behavior? Take the bold step and stop it!

black woman stop sign

You probably don’t know what life is like without the emotional pain clogging up your heart and self pity filling up your mind with darkness. You wonder, really- you do. But something tells you, you’ll never find out because all you’ve ever known is pain. You’re afraid of the light because a dark cloud covers your world and you are used to it- don’t know who you are without it. Matter of fact, to an extent, you think you deserve it. Stop! Just, stop it.

More often than not, the pain we experience within is self inflicted- maybe not directly; but, is it not upon you to let go of the pain someone else caused you? Holding on to a painful past, re-living that pain over and over, letting it affect your present is among the worst kinds of self inflicted pain. Additionally, not forgiving yourself is self torture. So please, just stop! Work the steps and stop it.

Dear wo/man you are stronger than you know. Make the conscious decision to move forward and to grow. From this you will glow and it will show. Anything but that, is a blow!

Black woman